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Make your board your secret weapon.

You deserve a board that helps you navigate your toughest challenges and opens doors to success.

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Build a diverse, impactful, and independent board of directors.

Whether you’re pre-seed or pre-IPO, our board search processes matches you with top-tier candidates quickly and at a fraction of the usual cost.
We get you outside of your own network.
There are over 12,000 executives in our network, with expertise across every function of business. With thousands of board-ready members, we’re able to quickly match you with candidates with the backgrounds, expertise, and skill sets you need to add to your board.
You’ll get advice from experts.
Our Talent Consultants are here to help you every step of the way, as much or as little as you’d like. From assessing your needs, to guiding you through the selection process, to making recommendations on compensation, our team can help you through every stage of the search.
Your board will get a fresh perspective.
We don’t just assume you need a former CEO or experienced director. We help you find skilled, diverse candidates with wide-ranging backgrounds to round out your board and bring the perspectives your business needs for success.
Your calendar — and your budget — will thank us.
Our platform and processes were built by entrepreneurs, with busy entrepreneurs in mind. We offer the most affordable way to find best-in-class candidates, and the flexibility to run your search as efficiently as possible.
How it Works
  1. Kick off your search:
    You’ll get connected with our team, who will assess your needs and outline the interview process.
  2. Review Candidates:
    We’ll provide a slate of candidates, which you can review and narrow down based on your criteria.
  3. Get introduced:
    As prospective board members are identified, we’ll manage all outreach and make warm introductions so you can evaluate candidates further.
  4. Make your selection:
    We’ll advise you along the way as needed, including providing compensation recommendations, so you can get your new member onboarded as quickly as possible.
We know building and managing a board of directors is tricky. That’s why we put together this comprehensive guide to walk you through everything from what to look for in directors, to how to compensate them, how to evaluate the board, and more.
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