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Sherri showcases her skills effectively with Bolster

Bolster's marketplace makes it easier and less time consuming to find opportunities that match Sherri's skills and experience.

Sherri Sklar
Fractional CRO

Bolster helps you find what you want in your next role.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our members have to say.
Bolster has expanded my network by introducing me to people outside the industries where I’ve worked. It’s a credit to them and their process that each referral was a good match of my skills, experience, and interests with their needs. Even when it hasn't led to an advisory role or board position, I could have imagined myself working with the organization, making an impact, and enjoying the experience.
Linda Choong
Fractional CEO Advisor
I made becoming a board member a professional goal and within weeks of reaching out to Bolster, they facilitated a match between my skill set and a company that was looking for a board member that had deep GTM expertise. It didn't end there, the Bolster team was incredibly responsive to questions I had and as a first time board prospect, helping me navigate the many different facets of the new role was critical to landing the job. They also have an incredible amount of content which helped me deepen my understanding of where I can provide the most leverage to the new company and CEO.
Andrea Kayal
Fractional CMO
Bolster provides so much value to independent consultants and small consulting groups that want to do great work but need assistance connecting with all the potential clients that have a need for their services. It’s also really helpful to the businesses that need a starting point for finding the specific resources they need.
Lauren Zink
Fractional Chief People Officer
After 22 years in the marketing and partnerships industry, I was eager to work differently. My hope was to use my broad base of experience without being tied-down to “just” one thing. Within a matter of weeks, Bolster facilitated a match and gave me the chance to serve as a fractional marketing leader, allowing me to leverage my expertise in a tangible way while retaining the freedom and time to work on multiple projects. I believe this way of working will only become more and more attractive to other executives like me.
Andre Schunk
Fractional CMO
As an executive coach, Bolster helps expand my reach and perfectly matches me with assignments where I can have the most impact. The membership community also offers a place to network and refer clients who need support from fractional executive talent, board members or advisors. Bolster helps you determine what functional and leadership skills you need and makes finding the right resource for your specific stage easy.
Lynne Waldera
Executive Coach
Working with Bolster has been the perfect way to showcase my work and introduce me to new potential clients. Their process facilitated an introduction with a client that was a great match for both my skills and competencies, as well as the client's needs. Finding fractional work that is a good fit for both parties can be time consuming and challenging, but Bolster's process is efficient and thorough. I look forward to continuing to leverage the Bolster marketplace.
Sherri Sklar
Fractional CRO
After 25+ years as an operating executive, I’m now launching my own business--Bolster was easy to set up, and quickly matched me with a client whose needs were a perfect fit for my experience. I expect it to be a promising source of well-matched leads going forward.
Lou Weiss
Fractional CMO
As a 25+ year veteran to the world of enterprise technology, analytics, and data science in a wide range of industries, I joined Bolster with the hope of sharing the knowledge and success I've amassed with smaller, earlier stage ventures. In mere weeks, Bolster paired me with a client having a need for advice in my core areas of expertise with the time parameters that fit well with my 'day-job' in consumer products leadership. From the registration process to invoicing, Bolster helped make the introduction of my services simple and painless, bring my career vision to life! Given my early experiences, I'm optimistic that I will be able to repeat this early success with Bolster's help, continuing to augment my traditional career with a portfolio of flexible advisory roles and board participation opportunities.
Danny Siegel
Chief People Officer, Gainsight
I had my first match with a Bolster client a month ago, did a small project, and am now scoping larger projects with them. I am so pleased, and grateful, to have been connected to Bolster. The new client has been amazing from the first call, and I'm doing the kind work I really want to be doing. This thing Bolster cooked up just feels right. Thank you for turning such a great idea into a valuable reality.
Trisha Ristagno
Fractional CMO
I've been consulting for a number of years now and partnering with Bolster has been great so I can stay focused on my clients. The team has been very helpful in matching me with companies where I feel I can make high impact quickly. I'm currently with a Bolster company and the experience has been terrific!
Courtney Graeber
Fractional Chief People Officer
Bolster has provided an on-ramp for client success… matching members with projects/companies that are a great fit. Bolster provides the people and platform to help members accurately describe their experience, skills, and what we can offer clients, including important characteristics like communication style and leadership principles. I appreciate that Bolster also helped me describe what I don’t enjoy doing that’s often a part of a sales leader’s role. Bolster matched me with a client quickly and efficiently, and we are making an impact in their go-to-market strategy and execution within a few weeks.
BJ Bushur
Fractional CRO
Sometimes the hardest thing about moving into a consulting executive role can be finding and filtering the opportunities that fit best; this is where working with Bolster has been extremely helpful. Bolster has let me focus on what I do best: providing positive organizational impact through technology leadership.
David Bill
Fractional CTO
Bolster quickly connected me to a great fractional General Council opportunity that was a clear match for both my skills and interests, as well as the client's needs. The onboarding process was easy, fast, and I felt they really understood my background and how I would best fit with a prospective client.
Elizabeth Cuccinello
Fractional General Counsel