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The new way to find the right executives

Bolster provides the resources you need to support your portfolio’s immediate talent needs at scale.

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Access the talent your portfolio needs to grow

Search Collaboration

Collaborate with founders and investors on key executive and board searches. Unite your network and ours to find the executives, advisors, and board members your clients need now.

Full Spectrum Search

Whether your portfolio companies need help filling full-time executive roles, leveraging fractional support in their business, or consulting services to support their team, we can meet your CEOs wherever they are.

Board Searchs

Leverage the depth of our network to fill independent director seats across your portfolio. With Bolster, you can connect your portfolio with  impactful board members.

Portfolio Perks

We offer special perks to our partners and the companies in their portfolio, including an exclusive executive talent audit session designed to help scaling CEOs evaluate themself, their team, or their board.

Become a Portfolio Partner

Our approach combining experienced recruiters with an intelligent sourcing platform saves tens of thousands of dollars in search fees, while our expansive network gives you and your companies access to a high quality, diverse talent pool.

When you reach out to get connected with us, a Bolster team member will follow up directly to address any immediate needs within your portfolio.
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Your starting point for every search

  • Get visibility into any search being run by one of your portfolio companies
  • Instantly evaluate candidates, provide feedback, and review slates of potential executive hires
  • Benchmark each search with candidates you know and trust
  • Save your CEOs thousands of dollars of retained search fees without sacrificing quality talent