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Let’s change the face of leadership together.

Bolster connects your members with high-growth companies looking to hire transformational leaders.

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What you can expect as a Bolster Membership Partner

Bolster is the new way to discover executives, with an emphasis on creating a broadly diverse pool of senior leaders and advisors that startup founders and CEOs wouldn’t typically find through traditional sourcing methods.

Access to opportunity

Your members can make themselves available  for C-level, advisory, on-demand, and board roles.

A commitment to inclusivity

Together we’ll work to bring more diverse representation to corporate leadership roles

Data transparency

You can access and leverage metrics to reinforce the results your organization delivers  for members

Brand awareness & growth

Your members carry your  brand as a badge throughout their time on Bolster, bringing visibility to your organization

Customized content

We’re excited to partner with you to co-create content that empowers your members and demystifies boards and on-demand roles

Personalized guidance

We’ll work with your members to help them build their personal digital brand put their best foot forward on their profiles

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Bolster is proud to partner with top executive professional networks committed to bringing career-enhancing opportunities to their diverse communities.
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