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When to Hire Your First Chief Business Development Officer

Whether or not you need a CBDO depends on many factors, but these signs can help you evaluate what’s best for your team.

How To Identify Potential Leadership Talent Early

We asked experts from our talent search team for their top tips for discovering potential leadership talent.

5 Unexpected Interview Questions to Ask Executive Candidates

Interviewing is a mix of art and science. We’ve gathered five interview questions that can help you get to the heart of a candidate’s potential.

Signs Your Chief Privacy Officer Isn’t Scaling

Your CPO needs to be able to engage the entire company, be thinking strategically about the business, and have short- and long-term plans in place for contingencies and foreseeable roadblocks.

When to Hire a Chief Privacy Officer

Some startups don’t have any support in the Privacy role at all, but given the importance of privacy and security issues today, that’s a mistake.

Procrastinating Executive Development

Enabling executive development can be the key to retaining executives for the long term and helping them to grow with the company, rather than being out-grown by the company.

Avoid Burnout and Bring Joy to Your Work

Recently, Bolster hosted Charlene Wang of LivingOS.org to share her expertise around avoiding burnout and building a joyful, balanced life.

New Series: When and How to Hire Each CXO

This series is intended for any C-level executive or board member involved with startups.

Why the Startup Sales Function Starts With “Whiteboards”

In most startups, one of the founders is the first salesperson — often out of necessity as much as passion. But as startups scale they add sales reps or maybe some form of a Sales Manager once there are more than a couple of reps.

The Three Roles of a CXO

In the world of startups the term “CXO” refers to all the people who are head of their functional area and members of the executive team, whether that’s finance, sales, marketing, HR, or any other function.

How to Scale Yourself as a CXO

You’re not the first person to be promoted to an executive role for the first time (and of course you’re not the last, either). Every single executive, at any company, had their first executive role at some point.

Giving Difficult Feedback and Making Your Voice Heard

Two common communication challenges that board members face, particularly first-time board members, are making sure their voice is heard and giving difficult feedback

Startup CXO: The Sequel to Startup CEO

My colleagues and I started envisioning a new book as a sequel or companion to Startup CEO that is going to be published on June 9th.

Fractional CXOs (Executives): What They Are and What They Do

You may be wondering, what exactly is a fractional executive? A fractional executive is an up-and-coming type of executive gig role.

What Kind of Gig Economy Executive Are You?

The major societal trend to “gig” has reached the C-Suite. Bolster was started to help organize a talent marketplace out of what is mostly an informal economy today.

The Gig Economy Executive

The gig economy is a labor market where short-term, or freelance, roles are more prevalent than permanent positions.