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Deep Dive with Carolyn Everson

Successful executives like Carolyn Everson have valuable advice for leaders, which is why we dive into their career journeys on The Daily Bolster.

Insights on Coaching and Professional Growth from The Daily Bolster

Guests from The Daily Bolster talk about the importance of professional growth, the role of mentorship, and more.

3 Expert Tips for Effective Decision Making as an Executive

Practical advice for decision makers. Use these tips to alleviate stress and to make decisions you feel confident in for the long run.

Navigating a Non-Linear Career: Insights from a B2B Tech Marketing Leader

During Season 1 of The Daily Bolster, Matt and Sarah Brown shared insights on the nuances of non-linear career progression, strategies for transitioning between roles, and the art of leaving a company gracefully.

Grow or Die

You can't possibly be successful in today's world if you're not learning, if you don't have a growth mentality. You’re never the smartest person in the room. The minute you’re convinced that you are… you're screwed.

Revitalize Your Career for the New Year

Whether the new year has you feeling all the anticipation of a fresh start or you’re one of the many individuals impacted by recent layoffs, it’s time to review your career goals.

Procrastinating Executive Development

Enabling executive development can be the key to retaining executives for the long term and helping them to grow with the company, rather than being out-grown by the company.

Avoid Burnout and Bring Joy to Your Work

Recently, Bolster hosted Charlene Wang of LivingOS.org to share her expertise around avoiding burnout and building a joyful, balanced life.

A CEO’s Guide to Seeking Advice & Mentorship

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Bolster is how to help a CEO find a mentor or advisor

Should You Go Fractional at Work?

6 questions to ask yourself before making the switch to an independent career

Joining the Fractional Executive Movement

For the past six weeks, I’ve been quietly piloting the next chapter in my career that of the fractional executive

Bolster Your Profile for 2022

The new year is a great time to take control of your personal brand across all online channels, including your Bolster profile, and this post will get you started. It also gives you access to a special workshop to teach you how to develop a powerful executive presence online.

How to Scale Yourself as a CXO

You’re not the first person to be promoted to an executive role for the first time (and of course you’re not the last, either). Every single executive, at any company, had their first executive role at some point.

Our Ebook: How to Succeed in Your First Board Role

Over the past several months, we’ve published a series of posts designed to help CEOs better understand how to build, diversify, and scale their boards of directors.

Interviewing for an On-Demand Role

How interviewing is like auditioning for a play

Giving Difficult Feedback and Making Your Voice Heard

Two common communication challenges that board members face, particularly first-time board members, are making sure their voice is heard and giving difficult feedback

Ascend Panel Recap: How To Be An On-Demand Executive -- Stories From Real Bolster Members

Bolster’s partner, Ascend, hosted a panel discussion about the path to on-demand executive work.

Luminary: Finding your Seat in the Board Room

Listen to Bolster CEO Matt Blumberg and Bolster board member Cristina Miller talking with Luminary CEO Cate Luzio.

How to be a Great Board Member

A board role differs from other roles in business and no matter how accomplished you are in your professional career, being a “great” board member is not just a continuation of what worked for you before.

How to get the most out of working with a CEO Mentor or CEO Coach

Once you’ve selected a Mentor or Coach, here are some tips to get the most out of your engagement.

How to Prepare for Your First Board Role

Here is a presentation from a webinar I did today with our partners at Ellevate and Women in the Boardroom that ties a lot of the material together across all the posts.

Preparing for your first board meeting

Depending on your situation, your first board meeting might actually be your second board meeting. I strongly encouraged CEOs to be just as thorough in interviewing and onboarding a new board member as they would an executive hire

How to Pitch Yourself in 15 Seconds - And Get the Job!

How would you describe your professional value proposition? What about doing it in 15 seconds? Learn best practices from our event with Laura Allen.

Interviewing for a Board Role

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 4 of 12. By the time you get to the interview stage for a board role, you’ve already been vetted to some degree. Like other high-profile jobs you should take the interview for a board role seriously, and you should be as prepared as possible.

Should You Serve on an Advisory Board?

Startup Boards for CXOs Series: Post 3 of 12. I’m often asked by accomplished executives how to get on a board and I always tell them that one of the best ways to build your “board readiness” skills is to get in the game. An advisory board role is an excellent way to do that.

Lessons Learned from Joining Bolster as Fractional Employees

As an on-demand marketplace, we spend a lot of time at Bolster thinking about how CEOs can leverage interim, fractional, and project-based work to augment their teams and achieve scale faster. It's also the model we follow internally.