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Date Before You Get Engaged: Use Projects as Auditions

Hiring an executive is a major commitment for you and your team—you need to get it right. Short term projects can fill a specific need or determine whether an individual will be a good fit for a longer-term role.

How to Remove Your Full-Time Hiring Hat to Hire An Interim or Project-Based Executive

Hiring an Interim leader can be a great solution when you have an executive leader leave your organization unexpectedly.

5 Crucial End-of-Year Projects (And How to Outsource Them)

We’ve identified five of the most common end-of-year projects, and how to outsource them so you can keep things moving internally as fast as possible.

Use Cases to Bolster Your Team: How to Leverage On-Demand Talent in Your Business

At Bolster, we believe that 2021 will mark the rise of the on-demand economy for executives. More than ever before, executives are seeking out roles that distinctly aren’t full-time for a variety of reasons...