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Meet the Recruiter: Martha Kaser

June 24, 2024

Recently, we asked Martha Kaser, an Executive Recruiter on the Bolster team, to share her thoughts about executive search. Martha started her career in B2B sales, where she developed a passion for white-glove client relations and account management. Her experience translates to her recruiting approach, which is consultative, solutions-oriented, and high-touch.

Martha specializes in CEO, COO, GM, GTM & Sales, and Product roles, having spent the last 4 years building out global VP/C-level teams for compelling B2B and B2C companies in industries like Enterprise B2B SaaS, AI & ML, and Consumer Fintech.

Bolster: Why is traditional search broken?

Martha: Traditional executive search is expensive, antiquated, highly reliant on assumptions and preexisting relationships (thus overlooking qualified talent), and often lacking effective communication and true partnership between the firm and client.

Q: How do you think about finding the perfect candidates for a position?

M: It's crucial for me to spend ample time at the very beginning of a search process to understand the client's current needs. Full transparency is required from the client around the challenges that the business faces as well as the personality styles that thrive (or fail!) in their specific environment. Expectation setting and sharing of market insights from the firm regarding the current talent market vs. the opportunity at hand is also critical.

Once in-market with candidates, recruiting itself is a delicate balance of understanding the personal motivations of candidates and encouraging them to take the leap, while continuing to advocate tirelessly for your client.

Q: Complete this sentence - “Reach out to me if…”

M: You are a growth-stage VP or C-level operator looking for your next opportunity—we have a diverse and fascinating client base and are always happy to facilitate mutually beneficial networking conversations, at the very least!

Bolster combines the power of experienced recruiters (like Martha) with our unique platform to surface the best candidates and deliver a superior executive search experience. We’d love to support your search—reach out to get started today