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3 Myths CEOs Believe About Hiring Executives

Executive hiring is a critical part of your leadership strategy, but common misconceptions can lead to costly mistakes.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Executive Search

Running an executive search on your own might be a tempting option, but there are a few pitfalls CEOs should keep in mind.

Why is executive search broken?

We asked our team of executive recruiters to share their perspective on what’s wrong with traditional executive search.

2024 Executive Hiring Outlook

We asked our recruiting team what executive hiring trends they expect to see in 2024.

How To Engage With Your CBDO

Building trust and clarity takes time, so it’s important to engage with your CBDO regularly, even when you’re not actively working on a deal together.

How To Engage With The Chief People Officer

You won’t always have a ton of time to engage with the Chief People Officer, so you should know how to capitalize on your interactions with these executives.

The Daily Bolster: Recapping our Deep Dive with Brad Feld

We can learn a lot about success and growth just by looking at the history of entrepreneurship. Brad Feld and Matt Blumberg discuss what’s changed in the startup world.

What Does Great Look Like in a Chief People Officer?

A great Chief People Officer is strategic, courageous, and financially astute. They know they’re the role model for the company; their behavior sets the tone.

Startup Highlight: Looking Glass

We interview a startup founder: an outside-the-box idea, a love of learning, and an exciting vision for the future.

The Daily Bolster: On Being an Entrepreneur

We’re sharing a selection of podcast episodes specifically curated to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

How to Engage With The Chief Privacy Officer

When things spin out of control, you need to be able to trust your Chief Privacy Officer, hit the ground running, and help get everything sorted out.

Signs Your Chief Privacy Officer Isn’t Scaling

Your CPO needs to be able to engage the entire company, be thinking strategically about the business, and have short- and long-term plans in place for contingencies and foreseeable roadblocks.

Q&A: Reimagining the Board Meeting

The all-star panelists from our recent webinar answer questions about why the board meeting is broken.

What Does Great Look Like in a Chief Privacy Officer?

Don’t wait until you have a data breach to hire a great Chief Privacy Officer. By the time you have an urgent need, it will be too late.

When to Hire a Chief Privacy Officer

Some startups don’t have any support in the Privacy role at all, but given the importance of privacy and security issues today, that’s a mistake.

Grow or Die

You can't possibly be successful in today's world if you're not learning, if you don't have a growth mentality. You’re never the smartest person in the room. The minute you’re convinced that you are… you're screwed.

5 Things Successful Founder Operators Do Differently

None of these practices is the path of least resistance, but there's something in them that leads to the competitive edge, the informed intuition, the vision, and the ability to motivate people that are common in successful founders.

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Equity Market Temperature Check

Investors are looking for viable businesses that have traction and product market fit—there’s less focus on unproven but good ideas, and more focus on paying customers and a clear path to profitability. The current market is less about FOMO and more about fundamentals.

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: A Year in Retrospect

The close of the year is an opportunity to reflect—and report—on progress, learnings, and performance. Are you maximizing the value of your end-of-year reflection?

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Path to Profitability

Experienced executives shared their stories and offered perspective and advice on leading—and growing—companies during challenging times.

On Leadership: Execution

Crappy execution is a waste startup leaders cannot afford

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: The CEO Perspective

Experienced CEOs shared their stories and offered perspective for today’s leaders.

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: The VC Perspective

Panelists agreed, companies should continue growing and looking ahead, prioritizing thoughtful, data-based decision making.

A CEO’s Guide to Seeking Advice & Mentorship

One of the most common questions we’re asked at Bolster is how to help a CEO find a mentor or advisor

4 Easy Ways for Any CEO to Choose a Mentor

How to frame your thinking about choosing a mentor whether it’s for business or personal reasons.

How Savvy CEOs Are Turning the Talent Crisis into a Talent Opportunity

Macro conditions around a COVID workforce

How to get the most out of working with a CEO Mentor or CEO Coach

Once you’ve selected a Mentor or Coach, here are some tips to get the most out of your engagement.

How to Select a CEO Mentor or CEO Coach

In a previous post, I shared the difference between CEO Mentors and CEO Coaches. I’ll share with you here how to select the Mentors and Coaches who are right for you.

The Difference Between a CEO Coach and a CEO Mentor and Why Every CEO Needs Both

Harry Potter was lucky. He had, in Albus Dumbledore, the ultimate wise elder, in his corner. Someone who could teach him how to be a better human being (er, wizard), how to be more proficient with his wand and spells, how to think strategically and defeat the bad guys.