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Meet the Recruiter: Martha Kaser

We sat down with Martha, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

Meet the Recruiter: Sarah Auten

We sat down with Sarah, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

Meet the Recruiter: Patti Dorsey

We sat down with Patti, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

When is Fractional Enough?

It’s possible to benefit from the expertise of an executive without the commitment of making a full-time hire.

What Type of Leader Do You Need?

Flexible work types offer solutions tailored to your needs—but how do you find the right fit?

How Fractional Executives Drive Startup Growth

Fractional executives offer a powerful solution for startups looking to drive growth and overcome unique challenges.

Date Before You Get Engaged: Use Projects as Auditions

Hiring an executive is a major commitment for you and your team—you need to get it right. Short term projects can fill a specific need or determine whether an individual will be a good fit for a longer-term role.

Should You Go Fractional at Work?

6 questions to ask yourself before making the switch to an independent career

How to Remove Your Full-Time Hiring Hat to Hire An Interim or Project-Based Executive

Hiring an Interim leader can be a great solution when you have an executive leader leave your organization unexpectedly.

What is a Fractional Executive

One of our Bolster members, Connie Kwan, who runs a popular newsletter Product Maestro, wrote an excellent article last week for her audience about how to work on your elevator pitch when kicking off a fractional career

Joining the Fractional Executive Movement

For the past six weeks, I’ve been quietly piloting the next chapter in my career that of the fractional executive

Getting the Help you Need in 2022 - Faster

Speeding up the time to hire can have positive impacts for you, your organization, and the candidate. We offer some tips to help make the hiring process more effective.

On-demand Executive Talent Market Trends

Bolster has successfully matched over 100 executives to open roles

Date before you get Engaged: How to Jumpstart New Execs as On-Demand Workers

Hiring on-demand executives can help ensure that there’s a good fit between the candidate and the company. Want to save time and money in the interviewing and onboarding stages, and ensure high performance post-onboarding?

10 Scenarios Where On-Demand Executives Work Best

Since launching Bolster’s marketplace officially in April, we’re starting to learn a lot about how CEOs and company leaders think about building out their executive teams.

Interviewing for an On-Demand Role

How interviewing is like auditioning for a play

Ascend Panel Recap: How To Be An On-Demand Executive -- Stories From Real Bolster Members

Bolster’s partner, Ascend, hosted a panel discussion about the path to on-demand executive work.

How to Manage On-Demand Talent in Your Business, Part 2

At Bolster, we’re flipping the script with how CEOs build and augment their executive teams with on-demand CXOs.

How to Manage On-Demand Talent in Your Business, Part 1

We believe that the business world is migrating toward an on-demand workforce across all levels of an organization.

Lessons Learned from Joining Bolster as Fractional Employees

As an on-demand marketplace, we spend a lot of time at Bolster thinking about how CEOs can leverage interim, fractional, and project-based work to augment their teams and achieve scale faster. It's also the model we follow internally.

Use Cases to Bolster Your Team: How to Leverage On-Demand Talent in Your Business

At Bolster, we believe that 2021 will mark the rise of the on-demand economy for executives. More than ever before, executives are seeking out roles that distinctly aren’t full-time for a variety of reasons...

The Opportunity for On-Demand Talent

As we kick off a new year of planning, resource allocation, and headcount discussions, consider this new tactic to add to your 2021 CEO toolkit: On-demand executive talent.

Fractional CXOs (Executives): What They Are and What They Do

You may be wondering, what exactly is a fractional executive? A fractional executive is an up-and-coming type of executive gig role.

How On-Demand Executives help existing leaders

On-Demand Executives help CEOs and existing leaders, allowing you to scale from within your employee base instead of hiring externally, increasing your chance of success with the role.

Bolster Delivers Fractional and Interim Execs

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was clear that there was a better way to connect high-end, experienced and vetted senior talent to startups. Kevin Lee with eMarketing Association sits down with Matt Blumberg to discuss the opportunity and learn more about Bolster.

What Kind of Gig Economy Executive Are You?

The major societal trend to “gig” has reached the C-Suite. Bolster was started to help organize a talent marketplace out of what is mostly an informal economy today.

The Gig Economy Executive

The gig economy is a labor market where short-term, or freelance, roles are more prevalent than permanent positions.