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We’re reinventing full-time executive search.

Built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Bolster combines the power of experienced recruiters with our intelligent sourcing platform.

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The Bolster Difference

When you work with Bolster, you can expect the best of both worlds. Our recruiters have decades of experience at established firms, and they specialize in hiring executives across functions. We combine their expertise with our unique, AI-driven platform to surface the best candidates and deliver a superior executive search experience.

We put in the time to understand your needs.

We offer guidance to help you identify the specific skills and experiences you need from your next executive. Understanding your exact needs is critical in defining the criteria we’ll use to match you with candidates.

We make the recruiting process collaborative.

Our state-of-the-art collaborative workflow platform makes it easy for all stakeholders—including your board and VCs—to communicate, review candidate, and stay up-to-date on your search.

We expand
your pipeline.

We deliver a broad slate of diverse, qualified candidates. Our recruiters source from our network—20,000+ senior executives interested in opportunities—and beyond to find the best possible candidates for your role.

We communicate.

Whether you want to hop on a call to discuss a candidate or are communicating with one of our recruiters in the platform, we're flexible and quick to respond.

We're with you until you find the right candidate.

Whether you meet the ideal executive in your first conversation, or you need to talk to multiple candidates to find the right fit, we're with you until you discover the perfect match.

We save you
time and money.

We combine the power of experienced recruiters with our intelligent search platform to find exactly what you're looking for in half the time and with a transparent pricing structure.

Meet our expert recruiters.

Sarah Auten
Specializes In:
CFO, Finance, General Counsel
Christine Berg
Specializes In:
Revenue & Sales, GTM Leadership
Patrick Corcoran
Specializes In:
CEO, COO, Sales, Marketing, Revenue
Patti Dorsey
Specializes In:
CEO, People, Ops, Finance, Revenue, GTM
Jimmy Gauff
Specializes In:
CEO, COO, Sales, Marketing, Revenue
Martha Kaser
Specializes In:
CEO, CRO, COO, Marketing, Product
Jon Peters
Specializes In:
CTO, CPO, Engineering, Product, Design
Sydney Thompson
Specializes In:
CEO, GTM, Operations

We make it easy to find your next senior leader.

We tailor our services based on the support you need. You choose the level of strategic and tactical support that best fits your needs and capacity, in order to fit your timeline and your budget.

Full-Time Search

You need a trusted talent partner to take the heavy lifting off your plate—to guide you through the process, identify and recruit qualified candidates, and provide strategic guidance.

Full-Time Sourcing

You know what you’re looking for, and you have the team and processes in place to manage the hiring process, but need help finding and being introduced to qualified candidates.
What's Included
Full-Time Search
Full-Time Sourcing
We’ll establish a comprehensive understanding of what you’re looking for in a new executive
Goal definition
We’ll work with you to determine your team’s exact needs, create the role description, and build the ideal candidate profile
Outreach materials and preparation
We’ll help you curate company marketing materials, create the interview process, and offer compensation guidance
Target population mapping
We’ll analyze the potential candidate pool
Candidate sourcing
We’ll leverage our marketplace and external sources to source ideal candidates
Candidate outreach
We’ll handle the process of contacting and introducing potential candidates
Candidate interviews and evaluations
We’ll provide candidate screening, candidate comparisons, and in-depth support throughout the interview process
Search process management
We’ll effectively drive the client and candidate process
Background checks
We’ll handle reference, background & education checks for final candidates
Post-close support
We’ll close out conversations with all candidates, offer onboarding assistance as needed, and conduct a 90-day review
Cost - 50% Retainer + 50% Success Fee
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