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3 Myths CEOs Believe About Hiring Executives

Executive hiring is a critical part of your leadership strategy, but common misconceptions can lead to costly mistakes.

Understanding CXO Archetypes: Chief Marketing Officer

We’re looking at common CMO archetypes, including what makes each unique, how to identify them, and how to know which one to hire.

Meet the Recruiter: Martha Kaser

We sat down with Martha, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

How To Retain Top Executive Talent

Guests from The Daily Bolster share advice to help you retain top talent once you find it.

How Top Companies Are Approaching Executive Search for Success

The best results occur when your hiring team is prepared, clear on the role, open about expectations, and committed to the process.

Avoiding the Trap of “The Big Hire”

When CEOs start looking for “the big hire” to fix the business, the chance of an unsuccessful placement increases significantly.

Meet the Recruiter: Sarah Auten

We sat down with Sarah, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

7 Questions You Should Ask Executive Candidates

Guests from The Daily Bolster share the questions they ask in executive interviews—and what they’re looking for in response.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your Executive Search

Running an executive search on your own might be a tempting option, but there are a few pitfalls CEOs should keep in mind.

Meet the Recruiter: Patti Dorsey

We sat down with Patti, a Bolster recruiter, to discuss how she thinks about search.

3 Tips For A Successful Executive Interview Process

Bolster recruiters share tips for interviewing executives, from understanding candidate expectations to the right questions to ask.

Getting Started with an Executive Search Partner

We asked our team of executive recruiters what companies should expect when starting an executive search with Bolster.

When is Fractional Enough?

It’s possible to benefit from the expertise of an executive without the commitment of making a full-time hire.

Why is executive search broken?

We asked our team of executive recruiters to share their perspective on what’s wrong with traditional executive search.

The Daily Bolster: How to Interview Executives

Guests from The Daily Bolster give advice on how to interview and hire the right leaders.

2024 Executive Hiring Outlook

We asked our recruiting team what executive hiring trends they expect to see in 2024.

Keeping Diversity in Mind with Full-Time Hiring

If you don’t take steps to ensure your organization is inclusive, it won’t magically become that way.

Onboarding New Executives Remotely

With remote work here to stay in some capacity, it’s important to create an effective onboarding process for remote executives.

How To Identify Potential Leadership Talent Early

We asked experts from our talent search team for their top tips for discovering potential leadership talent.

Webinar Recap: Hiring with Precision

Scaling your leadership team is a vital part of scaling your company. Now is a great time to think about your hiring strategy.

5 Unexpected Interview Questions to Ask Executive Candidates

Interviewing is a mix of art and science. We’ve gathered five interview questions that can help you get to the heart of a candidate’s potential.

The Daily Bolster: Insights on Executive Hiring

Guests from The Daily Bolster give advice on executive hiring: how to find a leader who can do the job, fit into your organization, and help it grow

When to Hire Your First Chief People Officer

As a startup, it’s easy to focus on the tangible, tactical operations of the People team, but if you want to scale, you’ll need someone in your organization who cares deeply about your values.

Startup Highlight: Looking Glass

We interview a startup founder: an outside-the-box idea, a love of learning, and an exciting vision for the future.

Why Hiring Executives is Challenging for Startups

Recruiting top-tier executive talent is a challenge. For startups, hiring the best talent comes with a unique set of obstacles.

4 Tips for a Successful Executive Search

A new leader can transform your team. Make sure you hire the right person for the job.

What Does Great Look Like in a Chief Privacy Officer?

Don’t wait until you have a data breach to hire a great Chief Privacy Officer. By the time you have an urgent need, it will be too late.

The Quest for Diversity in Tech Leadership Is Stalling. Here’s Why.

If they don't do the work, tech CEOs will continue to bemoan the lack of diversity in their leadership ranks and miss out on the benefits of diverse leadership, while not taking ownership for those efforts stalling.

When to Hire a Chief Customer Officer

A CCO touches nearly every part of the organization, from sales, to product, to marketing. They are a collaborator, a champion for customers, and a strategic thinker that understands consumer trends and demographics.

Creating an Executive Job Description

Job descriptions are a key element in ensuring you appeal to the right candidates, so it’s important to write them effectively.

When to Hire a Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing is the key function in building your brand, reaching customers, and increasing engagement. When is it time for a CMO?

Recapping Navigating Choppy Waters: Talent Focus

Experienced talent executives shared their stories and offered perspective and advice on recruiting and retention for today’s leaders.

Best and Worst Practices (Plus FAQs) for Layoffs

Layoffs are bad, but how you handle them makes all the difference. Here are a few best and worst practices for orchestrating layoffs.

How to Remove Your Full-Time Hiring Hat to Hire An Interim or Project-Based Executive

Hiring an Interim leader can be a great solution when you have an executive leader leave your organization unexpectedly.

When to Hire your First Chief Revenue Officer

In most startups, the founder is the first salesperson and while it may be difficult to let that go you’ll eventually scale, add sales reps, or maybe some form of a Sales Manager once there are more than a couple of reps.

How Savvy CEOs Are Turning the Talent Crisis into a Talent Opportunity

Macro conditions around a COVID workforce

When is it Time to Hire Your First Chief Financial Officer

Depending on the complexity of your business you might be able to hold off on hiring a full-time CFO, but if you have any of these signs then it’s time to start thinking about bringing someone on board

New Series: When and How to Hire Each CXO

This series is intended for any C-level executive or board member involved with startups.

How Busting Your Bias on Resumes Can Maximize Diversity

The usual approach for finding candidates is to search for people who have some things in common with us, or have some experience that resonates with us, and that we can more easily put in a box

Date before you get Engaged: How to Jumpstart New Execs as On-Demand Workers

Hiring on-demand executives can help ensure that there’s a good fit between the candidate and the company. Want to save time and money in the interviewing and onboarding stages, and ensure high performance post-onboarding?

How to Compensate Independent Directors

There are several elements of a compensation package you need to know about for an independent board member

How to Onboard Directors, Especially First-time Directors

I’ve often said that the hiring process doesn’t end on the employee’s first day. The same goes for new board members -- you have to take their onboarding as seriously as you take their hiring process.

How to Recruit and Interview Directors

Recruiting and interviewing candidates to join your board as an independent director is time consuming and there really aren’t any shortcuts or workarounds.

How to Manage On-Demand Talent in Your Business, Part 1

We believe that the business world is migrating toward an on-demand workforce across all levels of an organization.

What to Look for in a Director

Startup Boards for CEOs Series: Post 5 of 9. You’d never hire a senior executive without putting together some kind of job spec or requirements document to guide the process, to get you from point A to point B. Hiring an independent board member is no different.