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Bolster Expands Services to Include Leadership Consulting for High-Growth Companies

October 24, 2023

October 24, 2023

Bolster, the executive search platform known for matching CEOs with transformational executives for full-time, fractional, board, and advisory roles, is proud to announce the expansion of its services to include Leadership Consulting. Bolster's new offering encompasses comprehensive CEO, CXO, Executive Team, and Board of Directors performance evaluations, aimed at assessing the scalability of team members, creating strong development plans, enhancing organizational effectiveness, and driving long-term success.

As organizations face evolving challenges in an ever-changing business landscape, the demand for effective leadership has become more critical than ever. Bolster's Leadership Consulting services leverage the company’s extensive expertise in executive development and coaching and deep industry insights to help companies identify and develop exceptional leadership talent, align executive teams, and strengthen board effectiveness.

Bolster's CEO, Matt Blumberg, shared, "We are thrilled to offer our clients a holistic suite of services that go beyond executive search. Bolster's Leadership Consulting provides a strategic opportunity for companies to assess, optimize, and elevate their executive teams and boards, ultimately enabling them to make informed decisions that drive sustainable growth and innovation."

Under the Leadership Consulting umbrella, Bolster provides comprehensive performance evaluations for CEOs, CXOs, executive teams, and boards of directors. Using a proprietary assessment process, Bolster's experienced consultants delve into key role-specific and leadership competencies, team dynamics, and alignment with organizational values. The evaluations offer valuable insights, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement to guide executive development and decision-making.

“Bolster’s comprehensive Board of Directors 360 was incredibly thorough and got right to the heart of a few challenges I’d been feeling we had with concise and actionable recommendations,” said Dan Shapiro, CEO of Glowforge. “Board time is precious, and it's hard to make time for anything but the meat of the business, but the time we've spent with Bolster on this has already paid off in increased effectiveness.”

Bolster's Leadership Consulting services are backed by a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in executive search, leadership development, and board service. Their deep understanding of industry-specific challenges and trends enables them to provide tailored solutions that drive measurable results for clients across various sectors.

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Bolster accelerates companies’ growth by matching CEOs with transformational executives for full-time, fractional, and board roles—without the hassle of traditional talent sourcing. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Bolster combines the power of experienced recruiters with an intelligent sourcing platform, delivering smarter executive search faster and at a fraction of the cost.


Holly Enneking, Head of Marketing at Bolster