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Bolster Expands Services with Full-Time Executive Search Offerings

August 8, 2023

August 8, 2023 - View original press release

Bolster, the executive talent marketplace known for matching on-demand executives with high-growth companies, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its offerings with the introduction of full-time executive search. This addition enables Bolster to support the diverse talent needs of companies across industries and stages, ensuring they have access to transformational executives for both short-term and long-term leadership roles.

With the launch of its full-time executive search services, Bolster continues to revolutionize the traditional executive search model by combining the power of technology, data, human expertise, and an expansive talent marketplace. Bolster's proprietary algorithms and platform streamline the talent search process, while its experienced team of Talent Consultants leverage both the Bolster marketplace and external sources to create diverse slates of candidates that meet the unique needs of each search.

"We're excited to introduce full-time executive search as a natural extension of our existing on-demand marketplace, which has already placed hundreds of high quality, diverse executives in fractional, board, coach, and other project-based roles" said Matt Blumberg, CEO and co-founder of Bolster. "Many of our clients have expressed a need for a comprehensive executive search solution to fill long-term leadership roles with the same ease and speed we fill on-demand roles. With the unique blend of our experience as entrepreneurs, machine learning technology, and tens of thousands of senior CXO members in our marketplace, Bolster is well-positioned to meet this demand. We help companies find top executive talent that aligns with their long-term vision without sacrificing the time and budget required for traditional executive search."

Bolster's full-time executive search services offer clients a tailored experience based on the support they need. Offering both Full-Time Sourcing and Full-Time Search, Bolster gives clients the option to choose the levels of strategic and tactical support that best fits their needs and capacity in alignment with their timeline and budget.

“As our business scaled, we found ourselves in need of both a new Finance leader, and a better way to source quality executive talent. Working with Bolster accomplished both,” said Sean Bave, COO at Brodlume. “I was impressed with how quickly Bolster provided us with a list of candidates who fit our needs, followed by introductions to those we were interested in. We were so impressed that after making our SVP of Finance hire, we worked with Bolster again to find our VP of Sales.”

To learn more about Bolster's full-time executive search offering and how it can transform your organization's leadership team, visit

About Bolster:

Bolster accelerates companies’ growth by matching CEOs with transformational executives without the hassle of traditional talent sourcing. Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the Bolster marketplace is full of highly qualified leaders available for full-time, interim, fractional, project-based, advisory, or board roles. Our no-nonsense, no-frills approach saves tens of thousands of dollars in search fees and makes it easy to build your leadership team or find your next role.


Holly Enneking, Head of Marketing at Bolster