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Insider Information: Directly From VCs

May 25, 2023

Working with investors can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing.

Luckily, we're connected to some fantastic VCs. Several of them have appeared on our podcast, where they’ve shared insider tips and advice to help founders and CEOs navigate their investor relationships successfully.

Get inside the heads of prominent VCs with these episodes of The Daily Bolster.

What Makes a Founder Pitch Great with Cat Middleton

As a Partner at The Venture Collective, Cat Middleton sees hundreds of pitches a year. Check out this episode to learn three things founders can do to stand out and earn an investment.

Quick Tip: 👀 Have a clear vision of the future you're building.

Ways VCs Say "No" Without Saying "No" with Jenny Fielding

It’s important for founders to be able to hear what’s left unsaid in conversations with VCs. Sometimes, says pre-seed investor Jenny Fielding, VCs aren’t ready to invest in a startup, but they’re not ready to say no, either. In this episode, Jenny shares three signs a VC may be saying “no” without saying the words—and what founders should do next. Listen to the episode here.

Quick Tip: 👂 Surround yourself with people who will help clarify what's being said.

Common Mistakes Founders Make with Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson has been a venture capitalist since 1987—so it’s fair to say he’s witnessed a few founders and become familiar with their most common mistakes. In this episode, he talks about the challenges facing founder teams, avoiding valuation misalignment, and finding the right deal. Tune in to the episode.

Quick Tip: 💸 Don't always optimize for valuation over partnership.

Transitioning from Operator to Investor with Rachel ten Brink

Rachel ten Brick shares three learnings from her transition from operator to investor. This episode is a great listen for operators looking for a window into the world and perspective of VCs. Listen now!

Quick Tip: 🧐 Be selective about whose advice you take.

Lessons Learned as a CEO Turned Investor with Scott Dorsey

What would you want to change when you look back on your career? Scott Dorsey is a CEO turned investor and board member, and now that he’s on the other side, he’s sharing three things he wishes he had done differently as a CEO. Tune in to hear his thoughts.

Quick Tip: 👩‍💼 Independent directors add huge value to boards.